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A Comprehensive Guide to Nasogastric Intubation

NG Tube

Nasogastric Intubation is a medical procedure that includes the insertion of a thin plastic tube through a patient’s nostril, along the esophagus and right into the stomach. This process enables healthcare providers to supplement their patient with food and medication straight to the stomach. In most cases, NG intubation is performed to patients who are unable to swallow or ingest food. Among the types of people who are likely to gain benefits from the NG tube include premature babies, individuals who breathe with the use of a mechanical ventilator, those who suffer from facial or neck injuries or surgeries, and comatose patients. [click to continue…]

Everything You Need to Know about HESI Examination

HESI exam

When you first think about giving an HESI examination, you will experience the thrill of attending an entrance or competitive exam for nursing school. Contrary to the common notion, an HESI examination is a separate exam. It is not administered by the same company administering the NCLEX examination. Your score in an HESI plays a very important role to determine your path in a nursing school. Every test in this examination provides a clear picture of various strengths and weaknesses of students in nursing school courses.  [click to continue…]

Easy Steps on How to Take a Pulse

how to take a pulse

There are several reasons why patients should monitor their pulse, particularly when they suffer from a cardiovascular ailment and similar medical conditions. Primarily, nurses handle this crucial task of keeping track of their patients’ pulse to prevent issues when they take the prescribed medication for their illness. This guide will help aspiring nurses understand more about the normal pulse rate and proper techniques on checking the pulse. [click to continue…]

Step by Step Guide on Drawing Up and Mixing Insulin

insulin draw

Individuals with diabetes are required to take insulin, so they could maintain the normal range of their blood sugar. For some people, this practice can be quite uncomfortable, particularly when done the first time. However, insulin shots do not cause any pain at all since the needles are thin and short. Moreover, insulin shots are only placed just below the skin’s fatty tissue.

The practice of drawing up insulin is an important skill that aspiring nurses should master, so they can provide their patient’s needs. Since patients depend on the right dose of insulin to ensure their health, nurses are expected to draw and mix insulin correctly. [click to continue…]

A Practical Guide to Measuring the Blood Pressure Using the Manual Method

Measuring the Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the type of force that your blood puts on your artery walls while it is pumped by your heart all over your body. P It is expected that your blood pressure is much higher when your heart is beating, as compared to when you are completely relaxed. These readings are presented as a fraction, and the systolic reading is placed above the figure that refers to the diastolic pressure. Moreover, both of these pressures are measured in mmHg, or millimeters of mercury. [click to continue…]